How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

My name is Amy and I had a really bad problem. Two boyfriends. I know, it’s not the best thing to do but here’s my story…

The love of my life going on forever was Tim. He really is sweet. The problem was I met someone even better. His name is Paul. Well, there’s more to the story. You see, Tim has been my rock. He does so many things that I truly love. He’s a computer programmer and makes good money. He even visits his mom every Sunday for dinner. Talk about a find, right?

But then a few weeks ago I ran into Paul at Starbucks. He was working on his Macbook drinking a double-latte. I almost died when I saw him–think freaking gorgeous. He’s like six feet tall and super muscular. So we started chatting and traded digits. When I made it to work I already had two texts from him. A few nights later we met for drinks. Bad idea. We probably drank too much because we ended up back at his place. You know the rest. He was so gentle and caring. Oops. I almost forgot he sent me flowers at work the next morning. What attracts me to Paul is he is a writer. I love that!

After I talked with my girlfriends I made the decision to break up with Tim. He’s nice but definitely not as deliciously wonderful as Paul. So I texted him one night to meet me at the mall. No bar, or drinks-just a quick get together outside the Apple Store. This is really what you want to do because it’s a public place. Another thing that’s really important is to be honest but with a twist.

You don’t want to make the guy feel bad. So don’t go telling him you found someone else. Think about it. You’ve shared something special together so there’s no need to tell him you found the guy of your dreams. He arrived and I told him it wasn’t working between us anymore. This is huge because the last thing you want to do is leave the door open to getting back together.

We talked for a while. He thanked me for being honest. Yes, I did feel guilty not telling the full story about sexy man Paul. But he doesn’t need to be hurt any further so I am fine with how I did. If you’re going to break up with boyfriend I recommend you do it the same way I did. Good luck!”