Techniques To Help Turn That Girl Friend Into A Girlfriend

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As a guy, there’s not much worse than the horrible feeling of knowing you’ve been banished to the “friend zone” by a woman you really like. If you’ve been trying to give your female friend all the signals to let her know that you’re interested in being more than just friends, it can quickly complicate the relationship, so it must be approached with a certain amount of discretion. The “friend zone” doesn’t have to be a life sentence, but you must be patient and willing to play your cards right in order to stand a chance of having her reciprocate those feelings.

One of the main reasons why men get trapped in the “friend zone” is because they lack a basic understanding of the laws that govern female attraction. As a guy, it is easy to view women as remarkably complex creatures when it comes to romance, but much of what appeals to women is actually pretty simple and straightforward.

If you can learn how to exhibit certain key qualities that women find naturally attractive, you stand a good chance of changing the way your female friend views you. In the Girlfriend Activation System (mentioned at the top of this article), it’s referred to as becoming an “obsession worthy man”.

To get you started, here are some simple yet powerful techniques you can use to help turn your “girl friend” into your girlfriend.

1. Display confidence

One of the main qualities that women are attracted to in a man is confidence. They love it when men know what they want and are willing to clearly communicate what they want. Being sharply decisive is one of the ways in which this quality can shine through.

For example, if your female friend is asking you where you want to go out to eat, don’t respond by asking “I don’t know, where do you want to go?”  Quickly think of a restaurant and put it out there, no wavering or wishy-washy attitude about it. This communicates to a woman that you are well aware of what you want, and you’re not afraid to let her know.

2. Avoid appearing needy or “clingy” at all costs

If a woman suspects that she’s the “only game in town”, it can actually cause her to lose respect for you. If you’re always available, or more than willing to respond to her every beck and call, it unconsciously communicates a certain level of desperation, which is unattractive to almost every woman on earth.

You may think that you’re going to win her over by smothering her with all of this attention, but you run the risk of being placed in the “too nice” category, which will keep you in the friend zone. Whether they readily admit it or not, women like it when you display a little bit of an “I don’t care” attitude, where it appears as though you can do with or without them.

Yes, the first time you ignore her text or don’t answer her phone call may feel scary, but you need to learn how to be unavailable at times. There’s quite a bit of truth to the old saying that “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

3. Stop acting like “just a friend”

If you want your female friend to be more than “just a friend”, then you need to start acting like it. This doesn’t mean that you suddenly attack her with kisses and groping, but you should be clear about letting her know that you want to be more than just friends.

Let’s face it–if you’re being honest with yourself, this is exactly what you want. You don’t want yet another cool friendship; you want a girlfriend. To admit anything else means that you’re still beating around the bush about things.

According to Psychology Today, if you remain too close to a person in the “friend way” first without disclosing your romantic intentions, you run the risk of being viewed in a way that doesn’t include romantic or sexual interest.

So how can you make appropriate, measured moves to let her know your intentions?

It can start with something as simple as just reaching out and holding her hand while looking in her eyes for a few seconds, and then letting go. You can also try to go for a kiss after hanging out one night. Just remember to play it cool and remain confident.

Make your move and don’t hold back. If it damages your platonic friendship, you’ve only lost something that you weren’t content with in the first place. So when you think about it, you have very little to lose, and possibly a whole lot to gain.

9 Dating Tips To Help You Meet The Right Person

So you’re done chasing a new thrill every week and you’re ready to settle down with a special sweetheart? It will, however, take some adjusting from your old ways to be able to attract a mate who is looking for more than an opportunity to just fool around. Here are nine tips to get you started.

  1. Practice Flirting: Getting confidence that transcends drunkenness can take work. Attend social events where you get the chance to interact casually with a number of different individuals.
  2. Stay Clean: You want to be seen at your best by someone who can imagine you getting even better. Nobody is perfect but doing your hair and having nicely trimmed and filed fingernails never hurt anyone.
  3. Manners: “Please” and “thank you” go a long way towards winning the favor of a mate. Extend other considerations such as promoting open and engaged body-language as well as tone-of-voice. Love is kind.
  4. Work on Eye Contact: Sincerity and passion can be transferred by the eyes better than nearly any other way. If your eyes are shooting in every direction except in the direction of your lover, then you are probably avoiding more than eye contact.
  5. Think About Your Future: Don’t lay all of your wedding plans out on your first date but having an idea of what will make you happy in life will clue your partner into how to earn your favor in a real way.
  6. Be Choosy: If you know that you need a certain trait in a mate, don’t waste time trying to make it work with someone who doesn’t have this characteristic. You’ll never get those years back and you can’t force someone to “learn” the characteristic you want.
  7. Don’t Waste Time: A follow up to rule 6, make sure to not avoid serious discussions. Those issues will crop up again in the future and there will be more time riding on it and less patience.
  8. Honor Yourself: Once you determine what you are worth to yourself, you’ll never let anyone treat you otherwise. Respect the value you offer yourself and always remain your own best-friend.
  9. Mix It Up: If dating in place A isn’t working for you, try places B, C, D, E and F until something hits the spot. Your personality has many sides, explore love in each of them.

When you’re looking for the special one, you want to make sure the approach you take isn’t just “game.” These nine tips should keep you in the fast lane to the land of long-term love.

How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

My name is Amy and I had a really bad problem. Two boyfriends. I know, it’s not the best thing to do but here’s my story…

The love of my life going on forever was Tim. He really is sweet. The problem was I met someone even better. His name is Paul. Well, there’s more to the story. You see, Tim has been my rock. He does so many things that I truly love. He’s a computer programmer and makes good money. He even visits his mom every Sunday for dinner. Talk about a find, right?

But then a few weeks ago I ran into Paul at Starbucks. He was working on his Macbook drinking a double-latte. I almost died when I saw him–think freaking gorgeous. He’s like six feet tall and super muscular. So we started chatting and traded digits. When I made it to work I already had two texts from him. A few nights later we met for drinks. Bad idea. We probably drank too much because we ended up back at his place. You know the rest. He was so gentle and caring. Oops. I almost forgot he sent me flowers at work the next morning. What attracts me to Paul is he is a writer. I love that!

After I talked with my girlfriends I made the decision to break up with Tim. He’s nice but definitely not as deliciously wonderful as Paul. So I texted him one night to meet me at the mall. No bar, or drinks-just a quick get together outside the Apple Store. This is really what you want to do because it’s a public place. Another thing that’s really important is to be honest but with a twist.

You don’t want to make the guy feel bad. So don’t go telling him you found someone else. Think about it. You’ve shared something special together so there’s no need to tell him you found the guy of your dreams. He arrived and I told him it wasn’t working between us anymore. This is huge because the last thing you want to do is leave the door open to getting back together.

We talked for a while. He thanked me for being honest. Yes, I did feel guilty not telling the full story about sexy man Paul. But he doesn’t need to be hurt any further so I am fine with how I did. If you’re going to break up with boyfriend I recommend you do it the same way I did. Good luck!”